Pop Corn Hire

Retro Popcorn machine For all your event needs

The sweet smell from our Popcorn Cart is truly irresistable and fills the room to draw people over to your exhibition stand or have them reminiscing about cinemas and theatres from days gone by.   Our Popcorn  and Kettle Corn Stand has made welcome appearances at many different kinds of events -  Weddings, Barmitzvahs, childrens parties, film themed events, corporate presentations and exhibitions - to name but a few.  Popcorn is increasing popular at parties as a great healthy treat.

Popcorn makes a perfect guilt free snack as it contains virtually no fat at all.

All of our traditional Popcorn stands are around 5 feet high and are displayed on a vintage style popcorn cart. Table top popcorn machine hire can be made available where this is more suitable.

As with all of our services we offer Popcorn machine hire as part of an all inclusive package with staff to serve and unlimited popcorns as standard.  Machines are all PAT tested.